Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone

We had a great Easter weekend and we hope all of you did as well. We hunted for Easter eggs in the park; the Easter Bunny came to our house and left Paige and Claire all sorts of candy (sugar high city), attended a great service, and did a real fun family hike. Lyn and I also got to go on a mountain bike ride together. I cannot remember the last time we did that. She even sported a Visenka jersey on the ride. I hope you all enjoy the photos. Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dinner & Cookies

I had to go take some photos of a property site so I took the family with me. We were able to eat an early dinner and home to make some cookies.

Do The Test

Check this out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

All I Can Say Is WOW!

Another great time at Bristol Motor Speedway

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bristol Raceway Here We Come!

Tomorrow is race day in Tennessee! I'll be heading to Bristol with family and friends for a day of entertainment beyond ones NASCAR race day imagination. Start you engines!!!!

160,000 fans going crazy....

Paige Growing Up

Dinner With The Williams

Last night on my way back for WS Lyn called and asked me to pick up a pizza and the Williams were coming over.

After some pizza we decided it was a good night to fire up the fire pit. The rest is history.

Desperate Times

I have official pulled out the desperate move to try and get some fitness back in my life. I have been really busy with work and trying to spend good quality time with the family being a good father / husband. That doesn’t leave much time for cycling. So I have decided to start running again. It’s not cycling but it is something.

Here It Comes

Toyota is the first big company to make a statement. The Tundra production is going to slow down due to the gas prices. As of right now no layoffs are planned. They must be doing something right if they can slow production and not layoff workers. Maybe they are making to much money and the government should take their

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spend More or Spend Less? What Do You Think?

Check you candidates spending proposal.

Wonder why our government is making us go broke? Hillary and Barack are promising some big things that we cannot afford. McCain is flopping around on the tax cuts. Who's the right person to get us back up and running? Food for your brain. Good luck on your decision.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bath Night

The tub was full tonight. Have you noticed Paige is blurry in 90% of the pictures she is in? The child never sits still. Claire is always entertained by Paige. Non stop entertainment in the Bedsaul house

All Of You With Childern

This is an interesting article from the SF Chronicle written on Tuesday. All of you that have children should read this. Wither you home school your kids, send them to private schools, or us the public school system that's your choice. What little info I have found it appears California is trying to do something very dangerous. I personally do not agree with this type of government power. If anyone knows more about this please share. I don't know all the details so please don’t take this one article to the bank. I’m looking for more info.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another Day Of Skiing

We had beautiful weather on Sunday so we hit the slopes one more time before Spring. Paige had a great time. Sorry no action photos this time. All Paige wanted to do was go faster and faster and keep riding the big lift. Claire and Lyn hung out in the lodge until we were done. Lyn is such a good mommy.

They should have to pay me something for using this name.

Paige after skiing

Claire and I hanging inside the lodge