Sunday, October 30, 2005

12 Hour Hill of Truth

I headed to Knoxville at about 6:00am Saturday morning for the 12 Hour Hill of Truth race. They limit the field to 200 riders which is really nice. With only 200 riders you get a great opportunity to meet new people and it’s a lot easier to find all your friends. So I got there around 9:30am to find one of my team mates (Lee) up and moving around and the other (Randal) still sleeping in his popup. By about 10:40am (the race starts at 11:00am) I’m yelling in the popup at Randal to get his $%# out of bed! So guess who got to lead out our team….me! Not one of the two guys who camped at the race the night before but the guy who just drove 2+ hours before the race.

The race was a lot of fun. We did pretty well considering we only had three on our team and everyone else had four. We ended up 6th in the open division so no complaints here. Mom and Paige stayed home because it has been getting down into the low 30’s at night which obviously will not fly with a 3 month old.


You cannot take enough photos of your child once they start smiling more then crying. Here are several photos of Paige laughing at her little pull behind dog.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Freaking Cat!!!!

Cats can be so weird! Here is Cisco hanging out in Paige's basket. If you try showing a cat affection it will run away. When you ignore it you cannot get rid of it. Come to your own conclusions but doesn’t this sound like a .......?

Love This Place

You have got to love the BIG ONE!


Not really sure what to say. I think the photo speaks for itself.

Randell & Lee

The back roads to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Randell looks like he has been working out. Look at the guns on that guy to the left!

Riding With Lee

Doing some riding with Lee up to the Parkway. It's a great ride up Town Mountain Road and than off to Mountain Mitchell. Mt. Mitchell is the tallest peak this side of the Mississippi. I'm doing a 12 hour race with Lee this weekend outside of Knoxville, TN at a place call Haw Ridge. Great little place mountain bike. Should be a lot of fun!

Somewhere in Tennessee

Riding in an early cross race last year. Hopefully I'll be able to race in a few of the later race this year. There is a UCI cross race about 20 miles from my house in November. It's going to take place in Hendersonville, NC. Should be a lot of fun. I figure...what the heck. I might as well race in it. Wish me luck next month!

Daughter Like Father

Taken a little time out to watch some T.V..

Paige’s first big hike off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. She slept most of the time but we still had fun.


Nothing like 150 + thousand screaming fans at a NASCAR race in Bristal, TN. God Bless AMERICA!!!!!

Doen't Get Out Much

Some people just don’t get out to often. It’s like sending a kid of to college who has never been to a party before. Dear God…stand back. Ride that thing Mike…ride it like a cowboy!

A Little Ride Anyone?

A few of use decided to take a spin around the trails at Randal’s wedding. Nothing like beer, food, and cheap curser bikes on a Sunday afternoon in Tennessee. I only wrecked once and I believe Lee took a pretty big digger off the back steps. He's the only one that "really knows" what happen back there.

Fran Checking On Paige

Who said cats and kids don't get along. Here's little momma herself checking up on Paige sleeping in her crib. We are just one big happy furry family.

Paige smiles at BINGO

Paige's favorite toy right now(other than momma and daddy) is a plastic doggie that sings "B-I-N-G-O". She is smiling at us more and sucking her thumb. Life is getting better and better.