Thursday, December 29, 2005

What A Game!!!!! Way To Go Huskers!!!!

Last night was the big bowl game between Nebraska & Michigan. I had it all planed out. I have a friend who is from Michigan who was going to come over and a few other people. Chips, dip, beer, and pizza was ready for the eating and drinking until out of nowhere I got a fever of 100.5 about 2 hours before kick off. I had to call everyone and cancel the party, but I still managed to hang in there and watch the game. It was one of the best bowl games I’ve watch. Maybe the Huskers are back? I guess we will find out next year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Day

Christmas Day brought a lot of excitement and seeing a lot of people in a very short period of time. We spent the morning here Asheville opening our gifts from Santa. Paige really had a lot of fun. At about 1:00pm we packed the car and headed to Johnson City, TN to be with Lyn’s family. We had a lot of fun and Paige got so many toys I thought we were going to have to rent a Ryder truck to get it all home. I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Aunt V and PaigeAunt Carolina

Opening presents is exhausting when you are almost 5 months old.

Granddaddy Rick

All the critters on Paige's blankie.

Christmas Eve

When we moved here Lyn an myself started a Christmas Eve tradition. After church we head to the Grove Park Inn. This place is beautiful! People come from all over to spend Christmas at the resort. They have the national ginger bread house competition on display which is really amazing. When you look at some of the houses you cannot believe everything is eatable. We had a cocktail, looked at the ginger bread houses, took a few photos and headed home to prepare for Paige’s first Christmas.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

We Think Paige Might Be Teething...What Do You Think?

Last Wednesday night early Thursday morning a big ice storm was heading for Asheville. Ice…I hate ice storms! Hummmm….no better time then now to head to the beach! Wednesday night after work Lyn and I packed the car, grabbed Paige, and headed for Hilton Head, SC. For those of you who are not familiar with Hilton Head it’s an island on the South Carolina coast about 30 miles up from Georgia. It’s a very quite and exclusive island. Not a lot goes on here but good food, if you like to shop it will knock your socks off, great golfing, and awesome quite beaches.

We were offered a condo for the week so we took it without any hesitation (thanks Ed). It’s about a 4 ½ hour drive from our house to the beach at Palmetto Dunes (that’s where we stayed). We got out of town before the storm hit and spent 4 days hanging on the beach, dining at some great restaurants, and spending some good quality family time together. This time of year is always a good time to head to the beach... because no one is there. Everyone has left their million dollar homes behind and retreated back to Florida for the winter. This was Paige’s first visit to the beach. She loved it…we think.

It was a great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves. Everyone needs some good family time with their family. Here are a few photos of the trip.

I have Mommy's finger!

Still hanging on!

Now I'm starting to develop some spit!

Hilton Head Island

Paige get some sun. ice!
Look Mommy and Daddy...I'm a big girl!
Daddy and Paige walking on the beach.
Who said Santa to busy to fish.

Bedsaul's At Hilton Head Island, SC

Lyn walking down to the water.

Paige and Mommy looking out at the ocean. Paige's first look at the ocean.
Walking around at the harbor
Lyn and Paige checking out all the big boats.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mt. Shasta Back Country

If there is one thing I really miss about Redding...its Mt. Shasta. I found some old photos skiing in the backcountry. Nothing like skinning up to about 11,000ft, making some good turns, and being back to Redding by about 3:00 for an afternoon mountain bike ride. Now that's cool!!!! Not to may places where you can do that!

Getting Ready For The Nebraska vs. Michigan Game

Look At Her Shake That Rattle

Paige And Her Favorit Rattle

Sunday, December 11, 2005

So a few months ago I was talking to my neighbor about riding in the back yard and he mentioned a trial called “Shut-In”. He said it’s and illegal trail in the summer and usually completely over grown. We talk a little more about it and he gave me some general direction on how to find it and where it goes. He said it can be about a 3 hour ride from the house. He also said there is a lot of hike a bike sections, steep climbs, rocky descents, etc.. A few months ago I put my geared bike together with the intension of going out and finding this trail.
I finally got my $?!@ together and took off in search of the famous "Shut-In" trail. I found the trail and it turned out to be a great ride and adventure. It was everything my neighbor said. The ice fell off the trees and coated the trails up high. It was pretty cool! It looked like someone flew over with an ice machine and dumped it on the trials. On some of the descents it felt like you were surfing. It was also the last day of dear hunting season. I did run across a few "good old boys" and I don't think they were happy with me. I'm sure to a deer this time of year a cyclist probably sounds like a fright train crashing thought the woods with all the sticks and leaves on the ground. It was a beautiful day to be on the trails. Here are a few photos of the ride.

12:15pm Here's the bridge we made to get over the creek.

1:00pm The back roads to the Parkway

1:45pm Finaly the top of the road. Now the fun will start.

1:15pm I can tell I'm gaining some elevation.

2:20pm Finaly the steeps I heard about. Start hike a biking!

Monday, December 05, 2005

$%& Cats!!!!

Cats….they do whatever they want. Fran took over my work bench, not that it’s real clean and functional right now, but that’s not the point!!!!

Getting Paiges First Tree

Mom's got some crazy hair today!
Finding the perfect Christmas tree
Paige is getting huge!!!
This last Sunday the weather finally decided to be nice. We felt it was a great opportunity for us to do our annual tradition. Go to a Christmas tree farm and find our perfect little tree. We bundled Paige up for her first outing on the farm. So many trees to choose from…which one do we get? Well…if you ever have this problem the price tag will usually help dictate what you get. I need to start a Christmas tree farm…trees are expensive these days!!!! Lyn found this great little (8ft) tree. All you have to do is flag down a guy out driving the farm on 4-wheelers and he’ll fire up his chain saw, cut your tree, take it to the tent where they are serving hot cider, tie up the tree, and load it on top your car. Wow…now that I'm think about it, how lazy is that? Anyways…we got a great little tree for Paige’s first Christmas.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Few UCI Photos

Here are a few photos of myself at the UCI race. I'm heading to Winston-Salem this weekend for the last NC race before natioanls. They are calling for 40 degress and rain...should be a lot of fun...ha, ha, ha!