Friday, August 15, 2008

Pics From Paige's Birthday Party

Cynthia just sent me some great photos of Paige's B-Day party. Thanks Cynthia! Paige turned 3 on Aug 1st so we had a prince’s party. She invited 6 of her little friends and away we went. This is my new life being the only male in the family.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Paige Is In Training To Be A Plumber

Looking good!

Portland Trip

Last week I was in Portland visiting Chris. The trip was really great and it was good seeing a lot of old friends. King is doing some pretty cool thing for the near future. At PDX they had a really nice display of all the bikes that are built in Oregon.

This is Chris Kings frame on display.


Check out the custom stem that takes the place of the King bearing cap. Very cool and a glimpse of what King and a few others are doing.

Sausage Fest 08

Tammy and Ian decided to cook a bunch of sausage and Ian made a great batch of home brew beer to go with all the sausage. These wasn't your boring sausage. This was a bunch of really unique sausage. The party was great and the food and beer rocked! Thanks for the party. We can't wait until next year.

Paige trying to catch a butterfly

Kids being kids

Look at all that sausage

Ian carrying everything to the grill

The cooks in action

Random photos

Paige and Claire enjoying being sisters

Bele Chere is a festival that happens once a year in downtown Asheville. Thy claim it's the biggest free festival in the South. It does bring out a lot of folks and interesting folk I might add. This is a 12 year old jamming on the street.

There was a really good reggae band playing and the bar was too packed to get in. So a bunch of people (included myself and Bill) decided to go to the alley where we could see and hear them. They were rocking the house down.

We took the girls downtown to Bele Chere on Saturday and do some of the fun kids activities.

Claire's expressions are getting pretty funny.

Paige and Mommy dancing in the streets. What's new!