Monday, February 20, 2006

New Toy

Paige’s new fun toy is the "Johnny Jump Up". She is starting to get a hang of it. She was flying all over yesterday. She also decided to give us the super model pose. You know….the over the sholder look.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Paiges's First Snow

So the weather report comes in Friday morning. Big winter snow storm ready to hit Asheville Friday night. All my employees are asking what happens if they cannot make it to work in the morning. The grocery stores are flood with people buying milk, bread, soup, firewood, and the list goes on. People around her go crazy when there is a chance of snow. Key word here is "chance". All the place I have lived school has never been canceled due to the weather mans predictions. Anyway…we only got a few inches in Asheville, but I guess the North Carolina and Tennessee border got hit pretty hard. It was good to see some white stuff. Lyn, Paige, and I loaded up in the truck and went for a little ride up towards the Parkway to enjoy Paige’s first snowfall. We had a lot of fun!

Learning About Computers Early

Paige felt like she need to help Mom write her notes.

Paige Eating Big People Food

Paige has this little red cup Grandma Jan gave her and she loves it! She thinks she is so cool. Well…I think she is cool too.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Icycle Time

Every year I go to a race called the Icycle in Fontana Village, NC. They do a cross country race in the afternoon, and when the sun disappears, and there is no light to be found the night downhill race beginnings. The race is always known for its crazy weather. It might be 65… and it might be zero and snowing. More times then not its snowing and usually a muddy disaster. Most of the time your lucky to finish the race due to the conditions. I started doing this race when it first started in 1997. The only time I missed a race was the three years I was in California. Now that I’m back on the East Coast this was my third time racing it since I have been back. It has turned into one of those races were if you miss it, you feel bad. When this race was first formed maybe 30 racers would show up. This weekend there was something like 180 racers…big change. Anyways….it was a lot of fun. Raining in the morning turned into snow by race time, and the course was a wreck, but I loved every minute. Unfortunately I did not finish the race. I made it two laps and lost both brakes and I was all over the trail because I was riding worn out tires. After the second lap I decided it was best to give up and not hurt myself. We stayed at the village saturday night and drove home sunday morning. Good times!

Staying dry before the race
Eat a little mud during the race
I haven't even thought about cleaning my bike. I might just start riding my single speed again. Maybe I'll clean my bike sometime next year.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Pretty In Pink

Paige looking good in pink
More pink
Trying out her new pink robe

Paige Loves Animals

Paige and Mommy getting ready to go on a walk with Russell and Marsi. Sometimes I think Mommy is crazy for walk all of us together.

Marsi, Mom, Paige, and Russell
I think Paige might want to grow up and be like her mommy...a vet
Fran enjoying some loving from Paige
A little more lovin' to go!
We had a little party after Paige’s Baptism. It was a great little party and Paige was in her “check me out mod”. My mom and sister flew in from the Husker state to join in on the festivities. Yes Shelley your eye are closed....sorry this is the only digital photo I had.

Me, my mother, Shelley, and Paige