Friday, July 28, 2006

Yea....Nice Name!!!!

I will have to admit….I thought there was only one Gaylord out there. Meet the Parents part two….like a good neighbor…State Fram is there!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Airboat Madness

Ok motor heads here it is. When I was a young boy running around on the Platte River we had airboats. Airboats when I was growing up were pretty much a means of transportation on the Platte River. Go from point A to point B with maybe an occasional ride if the river was high enough. I spent plenty of hours digging out boats because of sandbars. Boy…things have really come a long ways in the last 20 years.

Now the boats are more on the lines of a recreational vehicle. The horse power they are putting in these things are crazy. Heck…now all you need is about 1inch of water to have a good time. If you run into a sandbar no worries….these thing drive right over land. It is truly an amazing experience. Everyone’s doing it and all depends on how much you want to spend. Most of the boats I saw had 8 to 10 blade carbon fiber propellers. Some even had counter rotating blades. Most of them run a gear reduction system so the blades can spin efficiently and can maximize all the horse power. Engine sizes varied from your standard 350 all the way up to a 502 and 572 motor putting out anywhere from 600 to 700 horses. There’s even a boat running nitrous I was told but he was not out when I was there. Of course my parents have the 502 with god only knows what modifications in the engine. Let’s put it this way…IT WAS FAST AND SOUNDED GREAT!!!! It was like being at Bristol Motor Speedway. Below are a few photos of my parent’s boat, few people, and boats sitting on a sand bar. What a hoot!!!!

A Week In The Corn Feilds

We went to Nebraska of 7 days last week to visit friends and family. It was our first time flying with Paige and everything went really well. She basically slept on all the flights except the one coming home last night. She was not a happy camper but after about 30 minutes she went down for the count. It was the first time Paige got to meet her other great grandmother Helen (Paige’s middle name is Helen). It was wonderful and they really enjoyed meeting her.

It was my parents 25th, our 6th, and my Grandparents 60th year wedding anniversaries. So we had a party Nebraska style. Great food, lots of friends and family, and of course a few beers. It was a blast!

Paige was introduced to several new things…tractors, boats, trucks, lots of corn fields, and family all around her give her full attention. It was a wonderful trip!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Shindig On The Green

After dinner we went to shindig on the green for a little entertainment. Local musicians get together and play bluegrass. It’s always a lot of fun. Good beer and BBQ.

Dinner With Friends

Paige and Sarah getting ready from some great food!