Monday, May 29, 2006

Paige Loves Hanging Out With Russell & Marsi

Back Home From Fontana

Paige loves the camera

Racing in Fontana, NC over the weekend

We headed to Fontana, NC for the Fontana Dam Jam mountain bike race this weekend. Of course having a child there are no photos of me racing but plenty of photos of Paige. It was a nice weekend well deserved. I’ve been working like a dog for the past year and really need to refresh my sole. The race was great but probably one of the hardest single speed races I have ever done. When you have a race as big as the Dam Jam and only a hand full of single speeders are at the start line, and everyone is looking at you like you're complete crazy, you know they did something to the course to scare everyone off. Well…they incorporated every rocky major climb in the area. Fontana is known for its steep short climbs and extremely rock trails. In short…it beat me up and I was just glad to finish (4th place). It was a great training race to see how I'm setting for cross season. I think I'm were I need to be for this time of the year.
After the race Lyn, Paige, and I headed to the pool for a little relaxation. It was Paige’s first time in a pool and she loved it. Lyn showed her old talents as a swimming instructor and Paige looked like a champ!
On our way home the next moring we stopped at Tsali, NC for a mtn bike ride. Ken...I was thinking about you. I was pretty tired from the race, but still had a great ride.

Paige with her Great Grandparents Beeson

Paige with Granddaddy

Paige with one of her great gandmothers Helen "Nani" (where her middle name Helen came from).

Photos, photos, photos

Paige hanging with her doll
Bumpers....who needs them?

What...more photos of Paige?

Live after five downtown Asheville
The family at live after five

Daddy adn Paige at the Biltmore

Monday, May 08, 2006

Paige Is Growing Up So Fast

Here are a few more photos my mother took when she came out to visit. I think she took something like 50 photos. Good shots Mom!

Notice the Nebraska football Steve.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Gas Crap

I could not help but laugh today at an interview I heard. A government leader from Chicago had the opportunity to ask the CEO of Exxon some question about price gouging and the increase in profits. This interview made our government sound about a stupid and incompetent about gas as I have been preaching.

First – He asked the CEO of Exxon about price gouging. Of course the response was "we do not set the prices on gas. It is set through the traders".

Second – There have been something like 200 investigation on the oil companies. These companies have no room to make a mistake. They are constantly under the microscope. They have no room or flexibility to hide things like Enron.

Third – The CEO of Exxon actually tried for the first time publicly (that I’ve heard) asked why does the government tax the gas business as much as they do. Obviously no response came for the poor boy from Chicago.

Fourth – If you look at the percentage of profit Exxon makes it is within 1 % of any other big company (Microsoft, etc.) in the US. It’s just they sell more of there product which of course is going to give them more profits.

Fifth – Only 30% of Exxon’s profits come from the US. Only 30%! The rest is from foreign countries, which once again they do not set the prices.

Sixth – The reason US companies like Exxon have merged with other companies is to stay competitive with foreign governments. That’s right…not foreign companies but governments. If they would stay all independent small little American oil companies could you imagine how much more dependent we would all be on foreign oil?

Seventh – Once again I will say, I not for big oil but I’m also a businessman and I can respect someone who can make a profit. If the company is not gouging anyone, hey it’s America and more power to them to make more money.

Eight – The government has been investigating Exxon and have not been able to find any price gouging. No kidding… once again they are not in control of the price and the government for some reason cannot figure this out.

Ninth – Hey government…when are you going to lower your taxes and give us a break. You sure in %^&* don’t give back to us…you just take.

Tenth - If you decided to drive a vehicle that gets bad as mileage...that's your problem. So either sell the thing or suck it up. None of you should get any type of rebate and like my friend Ken said and I could not agree more "driving is a privilege".

I think all of this is nothing but a political game between both parties and all they (government) are looking for is votes.