Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This Is Scary To Me

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President Bush on May 9th, 2007 made this law effective. This law enables any President to take complete control of all governing bodies (state, local, territorial, and tribal) when the US enters a "catastrophic emergency". Being in business I understand the importance of having a dedicated leader. In a time of decision making it's best to have one voice not several. I do however believe several voices should help make the final decision but only one voice needs to speak of that decision. The problem I have with this law is the lose ended definition of "catastrophic emergency". According to the definition we are in a catastrophic emergency with Iraq, our environment (if you listen to politicians), and terrorist threats. It also sounds like the President has the ultimate authority to decide when this goes into effect and when it does not. To me this seems to be a little to powerful for one person. There needs to be more checks and balances. Anyways, I like to keep people in the loop if I find anything. I think it's very important to know what our paid electives are doing in Washington.


Friday, July 27, 2007

Tour de doping?

I have read a lot of blogs and the disappointment about the tour. Here's my view. There are dopers in almost every sport that has to do with putting your body through a physical demand (football, baseball, track and field, weight lifting, cycling, etc.). Because of the pressures in sports to excel and become the “rich and famous” it takes over most athletes. It’s too bad they don’t still have the same views we all have about cycling. I guess when a paycheck is associated with the sport you love it makes the sport look a little different. I cannot even begin to imagine living in Europe and trying to be a professional cyclist. You can go from zero to hero and back to zero in a few races. Unfortunately athletes are always going to be looking for the competitive edge….even if it’s through doping.

The great thing about the Tour and cycling is they catch the cheaters. What other sport puts this much attention and energy into monitor the athletes. Yes it makes cycling seem corrupt but the true facts are they just care and want to make sure the athletes competing in this sport are not doping or cheating. Could you image having dope check dates for football or baseball players through out the year? The sport would be dead. It does suck because of the drama it creates but at least for the most part cheaters in cycling get caught.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Work Trip

I had to work on Sunday in Chattanooga, TN so I packed up the family and had them travel with me. I found a few hours to go to the aquarium and let Paige enjoy sharks, stingrays, big fish, and even butterflies.

7 Years of Marriage

Lyn and I went out to a nice dinner for our 7th year wedding anniversary. It was really nice. We had a great time.

Down Town After Five

Paige thought she should drive

Enjoying the music

Getting into the mix of things

Paige always finds an animal to hang with
Taking a break and getting out of the crowd

Pay these guys $1 and they would hit each other.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Great Saturday

We had a great family weekend. We went no where and no one came to visit. It was just us.

Paige trying on my mtb shoes
We went for a walk down by the creek in the backyard. Paige loves throwing rocks into the water.

Mom picking blackberrys for Paige

Paige loves Blackberrys

We decided to pick up some food from Barleys and head over to the bluegrass jam. Paige is being sweet and sharing her popcorn with me.

Paige practicing some of her moves

Are we at a Phish show? Paige is dancing like a hippy.


Paige and Sarah sharing dinner

Practicing for Hollywood

Helping Mommy clean her face

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fixed Gears On Dirt

Last weekend I did some good riding with Gabe, Thad, and few others. It was a good time. The Smoke bikes were out in full force on the trials. I was the only single speeder. The other 3 were on fixed gears....freaking crazy. I don't know if I'll every cross to the dark side of the fixed gear world.
Gabe and Thad posing by a few of their creations.

Gabe and Thad posing by a few of their creations.3 fixed gears and 1 single speed

The fixed geared triplets

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Single Speed Update

Over the last week I took out the new single speed for a few rides. Normally I would talk a little about the ride but this time I would like to say a few things about the builders of this amazing ride.

A little over 2 years ago Gabe and Thad starting throwing around the idea of building their own bikes. They talked about different geometry, tube sets, wheel sizes, and all sorts of other things. They figured why buy bikes when they could learn how to build them. So the march was on.

Over the last two years I have seen all sorts of things come out of their shop. 20” rear wheel with 26” front wheel bike. All different types of tubes (square, round, bent, flat, etc.). Seat and headtube angels so crazy I had not idea what to think. Here is where my respect from them happened.

With so much technology out there any one of use could go out and buy a welding machine, an awesome frame gig, and all the best tube sets money could buy, and start building bikes. Gabe and Thad did not do this. They built their first gig. They made mistakes by being creative and trying weird things. They did things just to see what would happen. When people have this much interest in something and they start at the very bottom like this they become very good at what they do. Gabe and Thad learned how to build a straight bike before using fancy tools and gadgets. The gained their knowledge through trial and error. They have the true passion to be frame builders. The bikes these guys are making in only 2 years is amazing. The knowledge they have gained in such little time is impressive. Gabe and Thad thanks a million for my frame….it rocks! Keep up the great work.


Monday, July 02, 2007

I Love Fireworks

Here is a photo of our arsenal for the 4th. I cannot wait!

First Ride On My New Single Speed

Here are a few photos of the finished project. Lyn and I went out for a ride yesterday and the new single speed was awesome! All I need is a shorted stem and move my seat back a little and it will be perfect. Thanks Gabe and Thad for the great bike.