Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Runnning Low Lately

With everything going on at work, family, and holiday excitement my car said it best the other night. Running on almost empty, but still moving forward. I hope you all have a Happy New Years.

Go Big Red!!!!!

Tomorrow is the big game between Nebraska and Clemson. I'm very close to Clemson territory here in Asheville. So...why not let them know how the better team is. Wish me luck out here with the wolfs.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here Come More Photos

I'm final getting some photos posted from Christmas. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a great New Years Eve and New Years. Tomorrow is a big day for the Bedsaul's. It's Claire first birthday and we also celabrate a second birthday for Lyn. Most of you know why and if you don't sorry, but I'm not going to talk about it. I'm just going to say Thank you a million times tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Photos Of The Kids

Paige loving on a kitten
Paige taking mommy to show and tell at school. We better start saving for college because I think Paige is going to follow in mommy's footsteps.
Paiges class
Paige and I sleeping in the tree house
Paige and Carter chilling on the chair
Paige and Claire...what a pair
Claire showing off
Baby Carter and Lyn

Paige and the Kitten

Claire trying to walk

Monday, December 15, 2008

Mileage Tax

What the hell????? This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! Why am I a conservative and believe in it… it’s because NC is a liberal state government that just keeps squeezing, and squeezing every penny they can get from everyone. Our awesome government now wants to impose a mileage tax on all NC residence.

Some of the articles I have read are talking about with the introduction of electric cars no one will be going to the pump and buying gas. First…nothing like implementing a tax before something even happens. Second…with Obama’s energy policy I have no idea how we are going to have enough electricity in the US to plug in these cars and recharge them. California…sorry but you think rolling black out are bad now wait until everyone has to plug in a car. Third…funny how the government talks about we need to punish gas companies when gas prices and profits are high. They make the gas companies sound like the most evil thing in the world and should all die. But, when the gas prices fall (due to supply and demand) the state now basically say’s they need more money because of loss revenue. When do we the citizens every win? The government just takes, takes, and keeps taking. I have an idea for our state officials…HOW ABOUT YOU STOP SPENDING LIKE A BUNCH OF DIPSHI*S!!!!

Question – If this passes where will the line be drawn? If this passes we will be taxed on the miles we drive… period. There are no state lines with this tax. I could drive to California and back and NC is going to capitalize on all the tax revenue, and I’ll be paying gas taxes in other states as I drive through. If they want us to go back into the late 1800 and use horses to get around just say it.

I’m telling you all now, if this thing passes this will be a feeding frenzy for the state government. They will open the flood gates and incorporate GPS system on our cars to track everything. Maybe they could tax the air I breathe in NC? If we don’t go electric you know they are not going to drop the gas tax per gallon.

Who keeps voting this type of thinking into our government? I think NC is probably one of the most corrupt state governments in the US. Some many politicians have been convicted based on corruption.

Wake up people…our government is too big and they are just holding us all back from becoming something great. Why do some many people think a politician know all aspects of business more then a person who runs a business? I just don’t get it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Once again, another great weekend with family, friends, and racing bikes

What a weekend! A lot has been going on at work (deals, new ideas, bring back old ideas, putting everything together to prepare for the future, stay ahead of the curve) which has been keeping me very busy. This weekend I kind of let all go and had a really good time.

Friday night Tammy and Ian had a KILLER Christmas party. These this are scaring me because each party seems to be getting a little crazier. Where will the madness end? I have no idea but Lyn and I are along for the ride. Great party….thanks.

Saturday morning I somehow was able to get up and head over to JC for the last cross race of their series. At one point on my drive I though Paige might see her Daddy pull over and make some noise, but I held it together. Did the race and though I was going to die, but still somehow had fun. Since it was the last race I had to stay until the end and give away the King Wheelset Chris donated to the series. It was awesome, and the guy who won gave me a big huge and was so excited. It made my day to see someone appreciate the gift.

Saturday night we had a birthday party we needed to attend. Round two? I don’t think so. We stayed for a few hours, had a couple drinks, talked to everyone, ate a little food and headed home. It was a really fun party. Everyone dressed according to their favorite era. 70’s and 80’s had the biggest showing. I got to wear both my leisure suits this weekend.

This morning I got the chain saw out and cut & split some wood for the stove. Got cleaned up and took Paige to the Nutcracker with Bill and Sarah. We got some great balcony seats and only four people per balcony. That meant we had it all to ourselves. Everything was going good and all of a sudden Paige wanted to leave. So we left and on the way home she started to get sick. Poor little girl. Back to the grind tomorrow morning.

Paige getting ready to see the Nutcracker
Paige and Sarah waiting for the dancers

Good seats

The winner of the King Wheelset

Mixing the drinks


Turn on the hot tub

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Longboarding On The Parkway

So I decided today would be my first day on the Parkway to try my very armature long boarding abilities. I hike up for about an hour and got to an area I felt was a good starting point. Its amazing how fast (or at least how fast it fells) you can get going on a board. There were some sections I had to walk and other I could ride. It was a great experience and I loved it. It gave me a feeling of being in the backcountry doing some skiing. I really miss those times in the middle of no ware, hiking to the top of a great run, and letting it all go. I think this long boarding thing might help me out.
I got to use some of my basic fundamentals of scrubbing speed by carving, and of course stopping by riding into the grass and jumping off. A few times I got up to what I felt was pretty fast and had to ditch and took a few tumbles. It’s all in the learning process. Hopefully I can get some good riding time in this coming year and have a lot more skills for next winter.

Hiking up the parkway

I have the raod all to myself

The board of choice