Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fantastic Weekend With Family

Where do I start? This last week and weekend was full of excitement. My parents (who will now forever be called Grandma & Grandpa) flew into Knoxville last Wednesday night. I happen to be in Chattanooga that day for work and came through Knoxville when they got to town. I picked them up and headed back to Asheville. I was able to take Thursday, Friday, and Monday off of work so we could all spend of good quality time together.

Thursday Grandpa & I worked on the tree house preparing the big swings for our Sunday party. We worked on this new addition pretty much everyday little by little until it was completed Saturday night. Great addition to the tree house. Thanks Grandpa for all the help. All the kids on Sunday loved it.

Grandma and Grandpa brought us a little treat from Nebraska. If you from the Midwest you know all about this little guys. There called mushrooms. For all you California hippies it’s not the mushrooms you’re thinking of. These things only come around for a few weeks out of the year. They brought two big bags with them. On Thursday night my Mom did her magic cooking and we eat mushrooms until we about exploded. They are awesome!!!!!

Thursday night I learned about “Bo In A Bottle”. A little inside joke on Grandpa. You’ll have to ask him about it. I have been sworn to secrecy on this one.

Friday brought great weather, several trips to Lowes, Home Depot, and a great night out on the town. Downtown was living up to its name on Friday night. We ate so good food and turned Paige loose with all the spinners. Great free entertainment.

Saturday lead to more trips to Lowes and more building on the tree house. Saturday night we had a few more mushrooms to cook up so we did. Mmmmmmm good!

We had Claire baptized on Sunday so we had an after church party with some friends, family, and neighbors. It was a good time.

Before we new it it was Monday and Paige and I were taking Grandma and Grandpa back to the airport. Time really flies when you’re relaxing and having a good time. I cannot wait until they come back.

Shelley I’m sitting in a hotel posting this so you have some photos to look at.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice Bike

No golf just some good single track?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Family Beach Trip Dedicated To Mothers

As I get older and became a parent almost 3 years ago things have started to change. It’s funny how we all go through different phases during our lives.

As all of you know I love cycling and it gives great joy along with much needed mind balance every time I go. When I don’t ride I can really feel it in my thinking process. My mind becomes slower, ideas don’t come to me as easily, and I’m restless. A person with my high energy level needs riding in their lives…..but I do digress.

I have realized a more important roll and that’s being a father and a husband. My girls and I aren’t getting any younger and everyday something new happens or changes. I have really become in tuned to this, and I don’t want to miss anything. Even if it means I don’t ride some good single track, or a great road ride, I have decided to be near my family as much as possible. Not that I’m not going to ride my bike (that could never happen), but for the next few years it going to be at a much different level and involvement.

This weekend we went to Folly Beach in South Carolina. It’s only about a 4 hour drive and we had reservation to stay in an ocean front home. The Williams (and their 2 children) and us went together for a Mother’s Day weekend full of fun for our lovely wives and our kids.

We left Thursday morning and were on the beach by 1pm. The weekend was a lot of fun! The kids had an absolute blast and the Mothers got to rest and enjoy themselves. Normally on a trip like this in the past I would have brought my road bike, but not this time. The bike was not going to build any king of family harmony or quality time. Instead of head out for a ride in the morning Paige and I would walk the beach at 6:15am and search for treasures. No ride could ever top the time I spent with Paige.

We stayed until Sunday late morning and headed home. Once we got home today Lyn went out on a road ride and I’m watching the kids. I’m going to get some take out when she gets back. It the least I can do for such a great mom and wife. I cannot wait until we do this again. All of you Mothers out there Happy Mothers Day!!!!!
Paige heading for the water right when we got there

Claire, Lyn, Sarah, and Bill enjoying the beach

Bill making the girls a little sand swimming pool

Lyn Grandparents happen to be in town. They stopped by for a quick visit.

Sarah and Claire kicking it

Paige and Sarah getting ready for bed.

Harrison and Claire flirting with each other

A quick trip to the Charleston Aquarium

William family photo

Paige and myself

The girls hanging out on the turtle

Super bed head

Lyn and Paige

The two youngins on the beach

Sarah takes a digger off the backside of the sand wall

Paige and Lyn getting some sun

Harrison loving the camera

Grill master Bill. Cooking up some great fresh fish.

All the girls. What a great group.

Sarah and Paige eating a little dinner on the deck

Mother's Day breakfast

The crew