Sunday, March 25, 2007

What A Weekend

The weather was amazing this weekend. Saturday treated us to 75 degrees and Sunday was around 83 degrees. Spring is here! Saturday morning when I got up I decided it was time to go for my first real road ride of the year. Lyn, Paige, and I decided to have a big, greasy breakfast at the Waffle House. That place is so bad for you but it’s tasty. My ride…I decided to head to Mt. Mitchell and back.

Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak east of the Mississippi and one hell of a climb from Asheville. I called everyone I knew and they all said no thanks, so I loaded up my ipod and headed out by myself. It’s about a 5 hour round trip ride with about 3 hours of climbing in the saddle. The ride was awesome and I loved every minute of it. You could not have asked for a more beautiful day. On my way back down to Asheville I caught up to a guy and rode with him for awhile. While we were descending I was asking myself “why do I think I know this guy?”. Finally after a few minutes I asked if his name was Jeff and he said “yes”. He is the Trek rep I used to deal with back in my days working in a shop. I haven’t seen him in 5 or 6 years. Last time we saw each other was back in the King days at Interbike in 2000 or 2001. Anyways…it was good catching up with him.

Saturday night lead to a good steak dinner and a few beers at the neighbors. Of course after the feast we came home and started a nice fire out back, and relaxed until I about feel asleep.

Sunday lead to more riding. This time on the dirt in the back yard. I caught up with a few of the neighborhood boys and had a great ride. After I got back Lyn went out for a few hours herself. 80 plus degrees in March! You have to take advantage of it.

Now for the fun part! We just pack for our trip! We are heading back to Jackson, Wy for 8 days! I cannot wait to see all my good friends which I have not seen in about 3 years. Way to long! There should be some good spring skiing off the pass in all the secret stashes. Well that’s enough rambling and typing. You all take care and I’ll try to blog on our trip…but no promises.

Taking a picture of myself because no one wants to ride with me today. Maybe my clothes stink?

Up, up, and away. Off to Mitchell I go.

Only 3.9 miles to go!

Sarah and Paige battle for position on exiting the window first.

Paige and Cisco

Paige and Fran

Boots....Check. Skins....check. Transceiver....check. Jacket....check.

Moonshine for the boys.....check!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Asheville Nature Center

Paige loves animals just like her mommy. The nature center is always a huge hit when we go there. Here are a few photos of Paige hanging out with some animals.

Monday, March 05, 2007

When Your Futures So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades

Paige loves her new sunglasses. She was doing some modeling for me the other night.

This is the face you get when you ask Paige to smile.

Getting ready to hit the trails in her wagon.

Ready for anyhting.

Mommy and Paige enjoying some good Mexican food. A new restaurant Papa's & Beers just opened down the street.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Heading Back To The Big One!

Lyn and I are heading back to the Big One in a few weeks for 8 days. It’s going to be nice to hang out with old friends, do a lot of couch surfing, and ski the best back country in the US. It’s a deserved trip for the two of us. The sad thing is the “Red Box” or other wise know as the tram is no longer there at the resort. It spent 40 years hauling skiers, paragliders, hikers, and runners to the top. I have some great memories on that tram. I use to ride that thing everyday. I worked maintenance on it, drove it, rode on the inside and on top the carriage, flung snow balls at it, and everything else you can image inside it. It’s a great part of the Villages history. Hopefully they will replace it with some as cool as the “Red Box”. Skies….check, boots…..check, skins….check, backpack…..check.

Only a few more weeks and I'll be here.

No more tram. So sad!