Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday Weekend

Lyn, Paige, Lyn’s dad, brother, sister, and myself went to the family cabin in Newland, NC this last weekend. We went to celebrate Lyn and her dad’s birthday. The weather was perfect. Down in the high 30’s at night and the upper 60’s during the days. Here are a few photos of our adventure

Paige never sits still anymore. She always needs to be doing something.

Paige showing her gymnastics moves. She hung on for about 4 seconds.

Heading across the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain.

Paige once again on the move.

Paige showing her hiking ability

Climbing to new heights

Made it to the top of Grandfather Mountain

What it was like to be young and no fear.

Checking on the bears at the little zoo like place.

This guy was looking for someone to feed him.

Beautiful Day To Ride Tsail

Last week I had to work in Chattanooga, TN. So on my way to Chattanooga I made a detour and did some riding at an area called Tsail. Great place to ride if you like really fast non technical riding. The lake was really low and it reminded me of riding at Lake Shasta.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Mountain Fair Time!

We went to the Mountain Fair tonight. Paige had a blast ridding the rides and hanging out with the animals. Here are a few photos.

Paige loved the little goats

This cow had a full head of hair. It was pretty crazy looking.

Paige crusing around the pond in her bumper boat.

Paige looking for her next victim

Going for a $4 pony ride.

This camel was our best friend. I'm sure it had nothing to do with me having carrots in my hand.


Paige and I takin' a victory lap in Jeff's car

No fair is complete until you ride the big wheel in the sky.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Huskers and Fans Invaded Winston Salem, NC

We went over to Winston Salem for the Nebraska game. We had a good time talking to all the fans and hanging out with a few people from my home town. It was nice to see all the Nebraska folk hanging in North Carolina.

Lyn and Bill heading to the game. Look at all the red already in the stadium.

Wake is going down Bill!

What the heck is this? Those shoes looked so comfortable to walk in. I guess it's more important to look good vs. being comfortable.

The sea of red in Winston Salem.

This was the smallest college stadium I have ever been in. I guess Wake is the smallest Division I A school in the nation. They only have about 4500 students.

Bill and I burning up! The sunny pounded us for about 4 hours. It was hot!!!!

Lyn wearing the shirt Ken gave me. Everyone loved it. They couldn't believe it came from S.F.

Wake taken the feild.

Nebraska holding Wake in the red zone.

Week 2 For College Football

Go Big Red! On Saturday Lyn, our friend Bill (Wake Alumni) and myself went to the Wake / Nebraska game in Winston-Salem, NC. We had a lot of fun. Over half the fans were Nebraska fans. Nebraska played pretty poorly, but they did get the "W". Next week they play USC. If they play USC like they played Wake we are dead meat. I guess we will see how good the coaching staff is at prepare the team.

Michigan has the worst starting season in the history of their program. I hope they can bounce back soon or else they are done for the season.

Huge upset with South Carolina running over Georgia. As much as people hate Steve Spurrier here in the SEC I have to give the guy some props. He can coach and prepare any team to play anyone. South Carolina could become a wild card this year. Tennessee plays South Carolina Oct 27th. Fullmer better have the Vols ready because I know Spurrier and his team will be ready for war.

WOW! LSU is on fire! They looked like a pro team. They crushed Virginia Tech. I think LSU is the #1 team in the nation. I don't think anyone can play with these guys.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Congratulations Jason & Russel

I wanted to give some props out to a few friends that did awesome at the Shenandoah 100 last weekend. Jason and Russel did the 100 mile race on their single speeds and kick some butt. Jason got first in the single speed class and 24th overall with a time of 8:44:52. Russel got 7th only 34:08 behind Jason and 54th overall. No wonder why these guys wear me out every time I ride with them. Way to go guys!

With the single speed worlds being in Napa next year I'll have to try and get a good crew of rides to make the trip. Hopefully I can put a good NC team together for the race. Ken…I hope you have a lot of floor space for some stinky cyclist.

On a side note Floyd Landis did the race as well.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Long Over Due Photos Of Paige

Sorry family for the lack of Paige photos over the last month. Here are some good ones.

Lyn bought Paige a Cindarella dress the other day. She loves it! She was wearing it and watching Cindarella. So cute!

Playing at our neighborhood park on some of the new things.

Movie night at the park. Every few weekends through out the summer we have a dinner and a movie in our park. The neighborhood gets together and has a lot of fun. It's nice living in a community where you know your neighbors and do things together.

Eaten a little popcorn.

We moved Paige to a big girl bed this last weekend. We through a little party and Sarah came over and helped Paige celebrate the new bed. The transition was rather easy....what a blessing.

Paige needed a better swing. We had the swing hanging from a tree but it just did not have the height she was looking for. So instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars I went to work and put a chain up between two big trees in our backyard. I attach her swing to chain (3000lbs chain…a little over kill but you can never be too safe). Now she gets about 8ft in height at the farthest point. She’s already asking to go higher.

Going for a test ride! Huston...we have liftoff.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

College Football Is Here!!!!!!

The Vols took a little beaten on Saturday in California. Cal played a great game. I'm sure a lot of the Tennessee fans were wondering how they can make deer hunting legal on campus in Tennessee. Save those trees on campus you Berkley hippies.

What a day for App. State! The little school in Boone, NC with something like a population of around 13,500 people took down the giant in the Big House. 110,000 screaming Michigan fans came to a halt when the Mountaineers blocked the final kick to win the game. They are claiming this is the biggest upset in college football history.

The Big Red Machine showed a good ground game against Nevada. Next week I'm heading to the Wake Forest vs. Nebraska game in Winston-Salem, NC. Should be a great time. Go Big Red.