Sunday, June 18, 2006

Today is my first Fathers Day. Lyn said I could do anything I wanted to today. So I said lets get Paige a baby sitter and go for a good mountain bike ride together in Pisgah. So we did it and what an adventure we had. We got the map out and planned our route. We figured about 2 hours would be good because we wanted to take Paige putt-putt golfing this evening. Well….something changed.
We ended up getting of course and instead of a 2 hour ride it turned into a 4 hour & 45 minute ride. Lyn did forgive me when we finally got back to the car but we were both pretty tired. We ended up not going golfing, but instead went out to eat with some friends. What a great Fathers Day!

The area in blue is where we wanted to go, but we ended up in the area Lyn's pointing to. Four hours later we made it back to the truck.
Trying to find a short cut. Not a good idea.

Paige Photos

Paige hangging out with her best friend Sarah at the park.
Good old rice cake.
Trying to catch a butterfly.
Nice and clean and ready to go to bed.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sugar Mtn. NORBA Race

I headed over to Showdown at Sugar National Mountain Bike Series #2 today with a friend. It was a great day and my lazy butt was supposed to race in the single speed race but I kind of bailed. Anyway…I met up with and I saw a lot of friends (Frank and Ann Jones, Ryan, Lee, etc..). Great day for racing and the pro short track had a lot of excitement. Ryan ended up with a third place finish and Charlie I believe ended up in the top 20. Here are a few photos from the race.

Ryan on the move
Jumpping the gap on the downhill course
Ryan putting the hammer down

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Looks like we have a little surfer in the family

Paige and Daddy watching the ships

Paige in her new bikini

Having a snack on a roof top bar downtown
Paige and Mommy hanging on the beach
Trying to take a day off...
Loving the ocean... Trying to eat the sand