Sunday, November 26, 2006

Paige Photos

Paige helping daddy do some work. She is such a great help… especially when she starts pushing all the buttons on my laptop.

Bubble love! She got a bubble machine today and went crazy trying to catch all the bubbles. Great entertainment!

Where is Paige? All that camouflage makes it hard to find Paige.

Tennessee Goes Out In Style

We went to the Tennessee vs. Kentucky game yesterday. It was a pretty rough go around for UT but they pulled it off. The weather could not have been better! 70 degrees on November 25th….wow no complaining here.

The Buffs Go Down Again!!!!!

Go Big Red!!!!! Once again the Big Red Machine takes down the Buffs. I keep hearing how the new coach in Boulder is going to turn the team around. He’s a very good coach but when a school gets busted for the "girl thing"… it’s going to take several years before his recruiting gets rolling. Good luck Boulder.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


The NCGP was this last weekend. Once again it was a great two days of racing! The best thing was Friday afternoon I received my custom DeSalvo cross frame. The word that best describes Mike’s work is WOW!!!!! This thing is beautiful. I raced Saturday on my old faithful Special Ed but I was able to race the new bike on Sunday. Thanks to a good friend and the best mechanic I know Frank Jones for setting up my bike and making it all happen for the Sunday race. So of course in geek fashion I have attached some photos of the bike. They were taken with my phone so the quality is not that good.

Saturday’s race I finished 15th and Sunday I finished 16th. Not as good as I was shooting for but I feel it was respectful.